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Womens and Family Care

At Women’s and Family Care, we are dedicated to treating both men and women. We Offer comprehensive care from Specialized Cholesterol, Lipid Treatment and Weight loss to full Gynecological and fertility services. Learn more about our Women’s and Family Care Practice .

Women’s and Family Care provides cutting edge, evidence-based cholesterol and lipid management, metabolic and weight management along with health maintenance and management services. The lipid program provides concentrated, individual testing, evaluation and therapies, specializing in lowering cholesterol and lipids in patients who have been unsuccessful in accomplishing this thus far.
Weight is a touchy subject for everyone, whether you are trying to lose it or gain it. Weight management is important to your overall health as well as how you feel about how you look, which can affect your confidence and self-esteem levels. At Look Good, Feel Good, Be Healthy, we offer an individualized approach to weight management for men and women in order to treat and alleviate health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, and the complications of obesity. From nutritional assistance to bariatric weight loss plans, let our compassionate, experienced staff help you manage weight-related issues so you can feel great about how you look and feel. You’ve read the reports stating that overweight people and obesity are nearing epidemic levels within the U.S. You might be someone who constantly struggles to maintain a healthy weight, and your failure at being able to do so can adversely affect your health as well as your self-confidence. Our Shawnee, KS, weight loss center (which serves men and women throughout the Greater Kansas City Metro Area) has embraced the mission of providing premier, medically supervised metabolic management plans tailored to each individual patient. Our goal and vision is to help you return to and maintain normal and healthy metabolic processes throughout the rest of your life. Learn more about our Weight Management process below or call us to get started on your journey to a healthy lifestyle today !

The first step in the weight management process is to collect and review your medical history, which includes your genetic, psychological, social, and environmental information. The information in this history will help us determine which tests we will recommend.

While fasting laboratory tests are required for all our patients, we may require other tests:

  • Complete blood count
  • Thyroid function studies
  • HgbA1c
  • 3-hour glucose tolerance test with insulin levels
  • Complete metabolic pane
  • Complete cholesterol and lipid panel
  • C-peptide
  • EKG
  • C-reactive protein
  • Insulin level
  • 24-hour urine test

Once these tests have been completed and the information has been reviewed and evaluated, we will be able to put together a tailored metabolic management plan based on your specific needs. Your personalized weight management plan will include the following:

  • Nutritional guidance to assist you in knowing what foods are best for your body.
  • Exercise counseling to recommend physical activity at levels that are appropriate for your situation.
  • Behavior modification to eliminate negative habits and actions and introduce positive and beneficial behaviors in their place.
  • Recommendation of appropriate medications with the goal of eliminating medications, if possible, as your weight and metabolic processes return to healthy levels.
  • Recording of blood sugar levels, food you eat, blood pressure, and other factors will help us work with you to further tailor and customize your plan.
  • Follow-up evaluations will tell us how the plan is working for you and if any adjustments need to be made.
Your body changes throughout your life span. Proper and committed medical care in the field of gynecology is essential to maintaining your health and vigor at each stage. From regular Well Woman checkups to diagnosis and management of any women’s health issues you may experience, we constantly strive to listen to your concerns and educate you in how best to treat your body. Our services in this area include:
  • Well Woman visits
  • Fertility evaluation and management
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) evaluation and management
  • On-site ultrasonography
  • Family planning services, including IUDs and implants, such as Mirena and Implanon, and injectable birth control options
  • Personalized menopausal evaluation and treatment
  • Individualized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Custom osteoporosis evaluation and treatment, including prevention strategies
  • Complete same-day evaluation and management of the vast majority of breast issues, such as masses in the breast, abnormal mammogram, nipple discharge, breast pain, and more
  • Incontinence issues
  • Evaluation and management of abnormal uterine bleeding and pelvic pain
  • All other health concerns you may be experiencing as a woman