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Johnson County Palliative Care


Chronic illnesses can be difficult to manage for patients and their family members. Symptom management for patients with chronic illnesses is a crucial part of the part of the process. Johnson County Palliative Care is dedicated to evaluating the needs and managing the treatment of people in the Greater Kansas City Metro Area whose chronic illnesses are debilitating, even if they might not be life-threatening.

We work with you on a one-to-one basis along with your primary care doctor to develop a personalized solution that can help you gain the quality of life you hope for and provided much needed support to help lessen the burden on family members.

You have probably heard of hospice care, which is care for a person who has a terminal illness and is reaching the end of his or her life. Most often, hospice care is provided in the patient’s home by a relative who is a caregiver assisted by a hospice nurse, doctor, or team. Palliative care is different in that it provides care for people with chronic illnesses that are not necessarily life-threatening but are still debilitating. Palliative care is frequently provided in a clinical setting as opposed to a home setting. While hospice care is provided only at the end of life and does not include extensive life-prolonging services, palliative care does not have a time limit and can include life-prolonging services.
If you or a loved one suffers from a debilitating chronic illness, we invite you to get more information about our palliative care services and see how we can assist you in increasing your quality of life.