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Clinic Trials Near Kansas City

At GTC Research, we strive to be your place to explore participating in a clinical research study. We are a clinical research site located near Kansas City, we continue to offer safe, ethical treatment options to the Kansas City community and beyond. We believe in advancing medicine and treatments through safe and monitored clinical research trials.

Clinical research studies allow new drugs or procedures that have already shown great promise to be further tested for effectiveness. As a participant in such a study, you can benefit from new and effective treatments not yet available to the general public. In many cases, you can also earn money or be given free treatment as compensation.

If you are interested in participating in a study please see our list of available studies.

If you are interested in one of our studies or would like to be notified about our future studies, please complete our Registration Form.

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Clinical Trial TG1101
A clinical trial for treatment of gout patients with cardiovascular risk for males over 50 and females over 55 with history of major cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease or diabetes with complications.
Clinical Trial SB1505
A clinical trial for treatment of evaluating the effectiveness of a contraceptive vaginal ring for women ages 18-35.
Clinical Trial BC1506
A clinical trial for females age 12- menopause experiencing bacterial vaginosis.
Clinical Trial PH1401
A clinical trial for treatment of hyperlipidemia for people with a history of heart attack over the age of 18 or Men over 55, women over 65 with history of diabetes or coronary artery disease.
Clinical Trial DF1402
A clinical trial evaluating the treatment of fibromyalgia for people over the age of 18.